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The Department of Infrastructure is responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of the City’s critical public infrastructure, including streets, transit, parks, public spaces, municipal buildings and other public facilities. Created in May 2022. the Department consists of the Divisions of Architecture, Engineering, Traffic Engineering, Transportation Planning, and Sustainability, and the Office of Innovation.

The Department seeks to create positive changes in Jersey City’s built environment for a better and more resilient future through transparency, consensus-building, and restorative justice, while respecting and celebrating the City’s culture and diversity. By leveraging institutional knowledge, technical expertise, and community input, the Department is committed to providing safe and equitable transportation options, dynamic civic spaces and buildings, and convenient, meaningful access to all basic needs for everyone.

Major Goals

  1. Identify existing barriers to reliable transportation options and determine sustainable multi-modal solutions to provide all residents, regardless of age and ability, access to all basic needs.

  2. Establish publicly accessible open spaces and parks within a 15-minute walk from every residence.

  3. Increase the City's tree canopy to achieve greater coverage than the 2010 baseline.

  4. Provide at least 50% renewable energy for municipal facilities (and 100% renewable energy power by 2030).

  5. Eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries on streets under City jurisdiction and maintain.

  6. Define "underserved neighborhoods" and "communities of concern" and ensure that at least 50% of all capital projects benefit these identified areas.

  7. Establish a capital improvement plan in partnership with key external and internal agencies to minimize the disturbance and maximize the efficiency of critical Infrastructure upgrades.

  8. Develop a sustainable materials management plan for use in municipal construction projects.

  9. Leverage data and technology to regularly evaluate and publish project performance across the Department.

  10. Incorporate the evaluation of historical and cultural identity as a component in project planning framework for every publicly accessible civic place.

There are community engagement events happening year-round! To learn more, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 201-547-4272.


Applications for Permits

Due to the large volume of permit applications and limited staff, the application review process may require additional time. Please plan accordingly.

Effective January 9, 2023, the Department of Infrastructure will only accept permit applications submitted through the department’s online permitting system. The department will not accept previous versions of the applications.

Effective October 1, 2022, the Department of Infrastructure instituted a new process for permit application requests. In an effort to streamline the permit application process and better manage the volume of construction work taking place in and on the City's right-of-way, the Department of Infrastructure and the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority are initiating monthly Utility Coordination meetings.

Utility companies, contractors for private developments, and any other entity seeking permits for work that is considered to be of high impact by the Traffic Engineer will be required to present their proposed work to the City at these monthly meetings prior to being issued any approvals or permits. Once your application is received, the Division of Traffic Engineering will review and contact the applicants that will be required to present at the next monthly Utility Coordination Meeting. The meetings are held at 10:30 a.m. on the last Thursday of every month. Low impact permit requests will continue to be reviewed by the Division of Traffic Engineering on a daily basis and will not require presentations at the monthly coordination meetings.

The Division of Traffic Engineering requests that applications be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of the requested work start date to ensure adequate time for review and coordination.

All applicants must fill out the applications in full. Only fully completed applications will be accepted. All incomplete applications will result in delay of review and approvals.

A work zone traffic control plan/traffic management plan must be provided for all proposed sidewalk and roadway closures. Please note that all requested street closures must start no earlier than 9AM, with the exception of emergencies, in an effort to allow the morning commuting traffic to travel unimpeded. In the case of an emergency, the Division of Traffic Engineering will require the submission of a formal memorandum describing the emergency and the necessity of the work. This Division may revoke a permit at any time. Jersey City Department of Public Safety may end work for emergencies.

Please contact the permit coordination team at [email protected] or at 201-547-4470 with any questions.

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