We are in for a cold couple days as an arctic front passes through late Friday night, 2/3/23 into Saturday 2/4/23.

Wind could gust up to 45 mph and lead to wind chill values well below zero Friday afternoon into Saturday afternoon.

Although it will be a brief arctic blast, after an unseasonably mild January, hypothermia is possible if proper precautions are not taken. Frostbite may occur in as little as 15 to 30 minutes on exposed skin. In addition, poorly insulated water lines along exterior walls could freeze and burst.

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Protect Yourself, Your Family, Your Pets

  • Wear layers of clothing, gloves and a hat to prevent body heat loss
  • Bring pets indoors or make sure they have enough shelter to stay warm
  • Know signs of frostbite: cold, prickly-feeling skin, numbness, skin that looks flushed, gray, white, blue or yellow. FROSTBITE CAN OCCUR IN UNDER 30 MINUTES
  • Know hypothermia symptoms: confusion, dizziness, exhaustion, sever shivering
  • Prevent pipes from freezing by running water at a trickle.
  • NEVER use a stove or oven to heat your home. Many fires are started from these practices
  • Check your car's tire pressure and battery before using after a severe cold snap
  • Keep a winter safety kit in your car with a blanket, warm clothes and gloves in case of a break down

- from the National Weather Service, NY


Residential Property Snow Shoveling Requirements:
Property owners must clear a path at least 48 inches wide along the sidewalk within eight hours after snow has stopped falling. (Local Ordinance 296.1.3)

Business Property Snow Shoveling Requirements:
Property owners must clear a path at least 48 inches wide along the sidewalk within four hours after snow has stopped falling. (Local Ordinance 296.1.4)

If snow fall ends overnight, the counting of hours begins at sunrise.

The Public Safety Division of Quality of Life's Resident Response Center and Office of Code Compliance will jointly have special hours Friday evening 1/7/22 and Saturday 1/8/22 to handle complaints of un-shoveled sidewalks. Contact 201-547-4900 or visit for assistance.


snow route map


Hudson County Warming Center

7PM - to 7AM
Hudson County Department of Family Services Welfare Division
257 Cornelison Ave. Jersey City

St. Lucy's Shelter
619 Grove St. Jersey City

Transportation to Warming Centers
Shuttles are available for adults at the following pickup locations. Evening transportation is available.

CSPNJ Drop-In Center
422 MLK Dr. Jersey City
6PM (line begins at 5:45PM)

Journal Square
Sip and Bergen avenues Jersey City
6:30PM (line begins at 6:15PM)

Hoboken Terminal
Observer Highway and Park Avenue, Hoboken
7:45PM (line begins at 7:30PM)

If you or someone you know needs shelter, call the statewide homeless hotline at 211 or 877-652-1148.